2022 Plant List

Time To Grow!

All benches in the main nursery area are numbered. Use this directory to quickly find the species you are looking for! If the plant you want isn’t located on the bench that’s indicated on the directory then it has sold out that day. Check inside the hoop house for younger stock or ask me about future availability as I may have more that will be ready in the weeks to come!

Below is the list of plants I am planning to grow this year. Trees and shrubs will be available for a limited time. Please keep in mind that the weather, germination rates, and other factors will determine what species actually end up on the shelves this growing season. Predicted availability is approximate or subject to change and some species will have very limited quantities that sell out quickly.

As I am a very small backyard nursery I am unable to offer wholesale pricing, landscape design services, plants for fundraisers, and cannot fulfill pre-orders for large landscape projects. I apologize for any inconvenience. Walk-in customers are welcome and I look forward to your visit!

Feel free to reach out before you stop by if you need to know if something specific is in stock before you arrive.

Have questions? Visit my FAQ page! In need of landscape design services? Check out my affiliates page. Looking for directions? You can find them here.

3.5″ & 4″ Square Pots ($6)
1 Quart ($8)
10″ Deep Cones ($9)
2 Quart ($10)
1 Gallon ($12)
**Ferns, Sedges, Woody Vines, Difficult/Rare Species, & Trees/Shrub saplings range from $10-$25+

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UPDATED 5/24/2022
Species marked with an asterisk are ones that I am confident should be ready for my opening weekend. Those with “TBA” (To Be Announced) will be ready at a much later date this fall or may not be for sale until next year.

Scientific NameCommon Name
JulyAdiantum pedatumNorthern Maidenhair Fern
JulyAgalinis tenuifoliaSlender False Foxglove
May, JuneAgastache foeniculumAnise Hyssop
JuneAgastache scrophulariifoliaPurple Giant Hyssop
June, JulyAgeratina altissimaWhite Snakeroot
TBAAllium cernuumNodding Onion
June, JulyAmphicarpaea bracteataAmer. Hog Peanut
June, JulyAnaphalis margaritaceaPearly Everlasting
JuneAndropogon gerardiiBig Bluestem
May, JuneAnemonastrum canadenseCanada Anemone
June, JulyAnemone virginianaTall Thimbleweed
June, JulyAntennaria plantaginifoliaPussytoes
TBAApocynum cannabinumDogbane Indian Hemp
*MayAquilegia canadensisRed Columbine
*MayAruncus dioicusGoats Beard
JuneAsclepias exaltataPoke Milkweed
JuneAsclepias incarnataRose Milkweed
JuneAsclepias syriacaCommon Milkweed
*MayAsclepias tuberosaButterfly Milkweed
JuneAsclepias verticillataWhorled Milkweed
TBAAthyrium filix-feminaLady Fern
JuneBaptisia australisBlue False Indigo
JuneBaptisia tinctoriaYellow False Indigo
JuneBlephilia ciliataDowny Wood Mint
JuneBlephilia hirsutaHairy Wood Mint
JuneBouteloua curtipendulaSide-Oats Grama
TBACampanula americanaAmerican Bellflower
JuneCampsis radicansTrumpet Creeper
May, JuneCarex amphibolaCreek Sedge
May, JuneCarex appalachicaAppalachian Sedge
JuneCarex eburneaIvory Sedge
JuneCarex pensylvanicaPennsylvania Sedge
SeptCarex plantagineaPlantainleaf Sedge
May, JuneCarex radiataEastern Star Sedge
JuneCarex strictaTussock Sedge
*MayCephalanthus occidentalisButtonbush
TBAChamaecrista fasciculataPartridge Pea
JuneChasmanthium latifoliumNorthern Sea Oats
*MayChelone glabraWhite Turtlehead
TBACirsium discolorPasture Thistle
JuneClematis virginianaVirgin’s Bower
JuneConoclinium coelestinumBlue Mistflower
*MayCoreopsis tripterisTall Coreopsis
JuneCorydalis sempervirensRock Harlequin
TBACryptaenia canadensisHonewort
May, JuneDalea purpureaPurple Prairie Clover
May, JuneDelphinium exaltatumTall Larkspur
JuneDesmodium canadenseShowy Ticktrefoil
JulyDesmodium paniculatumPanicled Ticktrefoil
TBADodecatheon amethystinumAmethyst Shooting Star
June, JulyDoellingeria umbellataParasol Whitetop Aster
TBADryopteris goldianaGiant Wood Fern
JulyDryopteris marginalisMarginal Wood Fern
May, JuneEchinacea purpureaPurple Coneflower
May, JuneElymus hystrixBottlebrush Grass
*May, JuneEragrostis spectabilisPurple Love Grass
June, JulyErigeron pulchellusRobin’s Plantain
June, JulyEupatorium altissimumTall Boneset
June, JulyEupatorium hyssopifoliumHyssop-Leaved Boneset
JuneEupatorium perfoliatumCommon Boneset
June, JulyEurybia divaricataWhite Wood Aster
June, JulyEurybia macrophyllaLarge-Leaved Aster
June, JulyEuthamia graminifoliaGrass-Leaved Goldenrod
JuneEutrochium fistulosumHollow Joe Pye Weed
JuneEutrochium maculatumSpotted Joe Pye Weed
TBAFilipendula rubraQueen of the Prairie
*MayFragaria virginianaWild Strawberry
JuneGaura biennisBiennial Beeblossom
TBAGentiana andrewsiiBottle Gentian
TBAGentianopsis crinitaFringed Gentian
JuneGeranium maculatumWild Geranium
*MayHelenium autumnaleHelen’s Flower
JuneHelenium flexuosumPurple-Headed Sneezeweed
TBAHelianthus giganteusTall Sunflower
JuneHeliopsis helianthoidesEarly Sunflower
TBAHepatica acutilobaSharp-Lobed Hepatica
JuneHibiscus laevisSmooth Rose Mallow
JuneHibiscus moscheutosSwamp Rose Mallow
TBAHoustonia longifoliaLongleaf Bluets
TBAHydrastis canadensisGoldenseal
TBAHydrophyllum appendiculatumGreat Waterleaf
*May, JuneHypericum prolificumShrubby St. John’s Wort
June, JulyHypericum punctatumSpotted St. John’s Wort
June, JulyHypericum pyramidatumGreat St. John’s Wort
SOLD OUTImpatiens capensisOrange Jewelweed
2023Impatiens pallidaPale Jewelweed
TBAIris versicolorBlue Flag Iris
June, JulyLiatris pilosaGrass-Leaf Blazing Star
June, JulyLiatris scariosa var nieuwlandiiNorthern Blazing Star
*MayLiatris spicataMarsh Blazing Star
SOLD OUTLindera benzoinNorthern Spicebush
*MayLobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower
*MayLobelia siphiliticaGreat Blue Lobelia
JuneLobelia spicataPale Spiked Lobelia
*MayLonicera sempervirensCoral Honeysuckle
JuneLudwigia alternifoliaSeedbox
TBALysimachia ciliataFringed Loosestrife
TBAMatteuccia struthiopterisOstrich Fern
JuneMeehania cordataMeehan’s Mint
TBAMenispermum canadenseMoonseed Vine
*MayMentha arvensisWild Mint
2023Mertensia virginicaVirginia Bluebells
May, JuneMimulus ringensAllegheny Monkeyflower
TBAMitella diphyllaBishop’s Cap
*MayMonarda didymaScarlet Bee Balm
*MayMonarda fistulosaBee Balm
*MayMonarda punctataSpotted Bee Balm
*MayOenothera biennisEvening Primrose
JuneOnoclea sensibilisSensitive Fern
TBAOsmunda cinnamomeaCinnamon Fern
SeptOsmunda claytoniaInterrupted Fern
TBAOsmunda regalis var. spectabilisRoyal Fern
JuneOxalis violaceaViolet Wood Sorrel
TBAOsmorhiza longistylusAniseroot
*MayPachysandra procumbensAllegheny Pachysandra
*MayPackera aureaGolden Groundsel
JunePanicum virgatumSwitchgrass
TBAPassiflora incarnataPassion Flower Vine
JunePenstemon calycosusCalico Beardtongue
*MayPenstemon digitalisFoxglove Beardtongue
JunePenstemon hirsutusHairy Beardtongue
JunePenstemon laevigatusEastern SmoothBeardtongue
JunePenthorum sedoidesDitch Stonecrop
2 available in JunePhaseolus polystachiosThicket Bean
TBAPhlox divaricataWild Blue Phlox
TBAPhlox maculataMeadow Phlox
JunePhysalis longifoliaLongleaf Groundcherry
JunePhysostegia virginianaObedient Plant
JunePolemonium reptansJacob’s Ladder
JunePolystichum acrostichoidesChristmas Fern
June, JulyPotentilla palustrisMarsh Cinquefoil
JunePrenanthes albaLion’s Foot
JunePycnanthemum incanumHoary Mt. Mint
May, JunePycnanthemum muticumClustered Mt. Mint
*MayPycnanthemum tenuifoliumSlender Mountain Mint
*MayPycanthemum verticillatum var. pilosumHairy Mountain Mint
*MayPycnanthemum virginianumVirginia Mountain Mint
SOLD OUTRatibida pinnataYellow Coneflower
JuneRhexia virginicaMeadow Beauty
*MayRosa palustrisSwamp Rose
JuneRudbeckia fulgida var fulgidaOrange Coneflower
JuneRudbeckia hirtaBlack-Eyed Susan
JuneRudbeckia laciniataCutleaf Coneflower
*MayRudbeckia trilobaBrown-Eyed Susan
JuneRuellia humilisWild Petunia
TBASagittaria latifoliaArrowhead
JuneSalvia lyrataLyre-Leaved Sage
JuneSchizachyrium scopariumLittle Bluestem
JuneScutellaria incanaHoary Skullcap
*MaySedum ternatumWoodland Stonecrop
JuneSenna hebecarpaWild Senna
JuneSiliphium perfoliatumCup Plant
JuneSilphium trifoliatumWhorled Rosin Weed
2023Sisyrinchium angustifoliumCommon Blue-Eyed Grass
June, JulySolidago bicolorWhite Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago caesiaBlue-Stemmed Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago flexicaulisZig Zag Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago giganteaGiant Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago junceaEarly Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago nemoralisGray Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago odoraLicorice-Scented Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago patulaSwamp Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago rugosaWrinkle-Leaf Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago speciosaShowy Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago uliginosaBog Goldenrod
June, JulySolidago ulmifoliaElm-Leaved Goldenrod
JuneSorghastrum nutansIndian Grass
JuneSpiraea albaMeadowsweet
JuneSpiraea tomentosaSteeplebush
JuneSporobolus heterolepisPrairie Dropseed
JuneStachys tenuifoliaSlender Betony
JuneStophostyles helvolaTrailing Fuzzybean
JuneStylophorum diphyllumWood Poppy
June, JulySymphyotrichum cordifoliumBlue Wood Aster
TBASymphyotrichum drummondiiDrummond’s Aster
*MaySymphyotrichum laeveSmooth Blue Aster
June, JulySymphyotrichum lateriflorumCalico Aster
June, JulySymphyotrichum novae-angilaeNew England Aster
June, JulySymphyotrichum novi-bengiiNew York Aster
June, JulySymphyotrichum prenanthoidesCrooked-Stemmed Aster
June, JulySymphyotrichum puniceumPurplestem Aster
*MaySymphyotrichum oblongifoliumAromatic Aster
TBATeucrium CanadenseAmerican Germander
*May, JuneThalictrum dasycarpumPurple Meadow Rue
TBAThalictrum dioicumEarly Meadow Rue
TBAThalictrum pubescensTall Meadow Rue
MayTiarella cordifoliaHeartleaf Foamflower
*MayTradescantia ohiensisOhio Spiderwort
May-JuneTradescantia virginianaVirginia Spiderwort
JuneTriodanis perfoliataVenus’ Looking Glass
JuneVerbena hastataBlue Vervain
TBAVerbena urticifoliaWhite Vervain
JuneVerbesina alternifoliaWingstem
June-JulyVernonia giganteaGiant Ironweed
MayVernonia noveboracensisNew York Ironweed
*MayVeronicastrum virginicumCulver’s Root
2023Viola pedataBird’s Foot Violet
2023Viola pubescens var eriocarpaSmooth Yellow Violet
MayViola sororiaCommon Blue Violet
JuneViola striataStriped Cream Violet
JuneZizia apteraHeart-Leaved Golden Alexanders
MayZizia aureaGolden Alexanders

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Please Note: We do not dig plants from public land or wild areas. Nor do we condone unethical seed-collecting practices. In an effort to harvest responsibly from our own land, only a small amount of seed is gathered so that the mother patch may continue to grow and provide for local wildlife.