2023 Plant List


There will be a small number of shrubs available as well as a limited assortment of perennials, sedges, ferns, vines, etc. These tough plants have spent the winter outside and will be ready to go home with you in spite of this crazy weather!

I plan to officially open for the season every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday from 9am-5pm beginning May 6th. Please note that no discounts (including the Wild Ones discount) will be valid until May 17th. Though early season inventory will be limited, I’ll have more and more species available throughout the spring and summer months! You can see the list below of plants I hope to offer this year.

Based on the many messages I’ve been getting, I know a lot of you are excited to start planning and planting! However, it’s still early March. In Pennsylvania, that means most plants are still dormant. This includes my nursery stock which are not grown in a heated greenhouse. Only a few early risers are breaking dormancy right now.

Once everything is awake and growing again, I’ll take an inventory and post the Earth Day weekend plant list here. You can expect to see it around the end of March or early April.


This plant list page for 2023 will be updated regularly between now and April/May. Seeds may not germinate, whole crops of certain species may fail, and tender young seedlings can be destroyed by late frosts. I will do my best to follow through with the species planned for the upcoming growing season, but I can make no guarantees.

IMPORTANT! The spreadsheet below is NOT an order form! I am unable to hold plants and I do not do order fulfillment. This is a drop-in retail nursery only (no shipping), first-come-first-served. The spreadsheet is simply to let you know the species planned for 2023. The wishlist column allows you to check off which plants you may be interested in for your own personal reference. See the “NOTES” section on Page 8 for further details.

Questions and Correspondence

This is an exciting time of year as plant enthusiasts are making plans for the upcoming growing season. Here at the nursery, I’m running full tilt to keep up with preparations and the influx of emails, messages, calls, etc that start streaming in. I appreciate your patience during this busy time! While it may take me a few days (or more) to reply to correspondence, I do my best to reply as soon as I can. If you need a more immediate response, calling the nursery at 724-986-0907 can be the quickest way to reach me.

Looking forward to another growing season! Our opening weekend date will be announced closer to spring.

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