Annuals and Biennials

The following native wildflowers have a short lifespan, but provide vibrant color and often reseed themselves in the landscape. In some cases, you may not even realize that the parent plant has completed its lifecycle because the following spring numerous seedlings may have taken its place. Thus, colonies may seem to gradually shift and move from year to year. They are a very important source of pollen, nectar, and seeds for pollinators and other wildlife. It can also be beneficial to use annuals or biennials as pioneer species when trying to establish meadows, micro prairies, and other restoration projects.

These native plant guides cover general growing conditions as well as helpful tips and fun facts. All content may be downloaded for free in an effort to help spread native plant awareness. While they may be downloaded and printed for personal or educational purposes, they are not for commercial use.

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Master List

Click on the species scientific name to jump to it’s Fact Sheet below.

Click on the common name to visit a separate web page for that species (includes Fact Sheets, Quick Cards, and more info when available)









Updated on 3/29/2023



When you scan the QR code on an Arcadia Natives pot label, it will take you to our website where you can quickly view the Plant Facts & Quick Cards for that species.


Though planting local ecotypes is ideal, sometimes it’s not always possible to source seeds close to home. When we know the provenance of any seed grown plant, it will be indicated on the label. You can look up the Ecoregion on a map to learn more about where it came from!

Arcadia Natives is located in the Permian Hills ecoregion (70a). Any plant grown from seed that was harvested from naturally occurring plant colonies on our property will be marked with a green dot and our logo!

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