About Us

Hello, I’m Kelly! A wife, artist, gardener, bird watcher, Zazzle store owner/designer, native plant enthusiast and mother of teenagers. Three of them to be exact. Throw a talkative nine year old boy into the mix and we have a real party here most days! Strope Party of 6. That’s us!

While my young family is on board with this business venture, I’ll be the one with my hands in the soil and the primary point of contact here at the nursery. My focus is on propagating native plants from seed as much as possible. Eventually, the goal is to primarily offer local ecotypes indigenous to Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Region.

You’ll find Arcadia Natives conveniently located in Washington, PA only a few miles off the Amity/Lone Pine exit on I79 (get directions).

Setting up in early spring 2021

When You Visit

Parts of the property are still under construction and are absolutely off-limits to the public at this time. The nursery area near our parking lot is the only space that we invite visitors to explore. The massive “pavilion” looking building under construction is not for customers to access. As this property is our home and you are our welcome guest, please respect the boundaries that are set up here. Fences or chains and stanchions are not meant to be climbed over (or crawled under). These areas are off-limits for a reason (namely your safety and our privacy).


If you must bring a pet, we ask that it remain on a leash. As there is little shade in our parking lot, leaving them in the car is not a good option. It is important that you dispose of any “gifts” they may leave behind. If we continue to have problems with customers not cleaning up after their furry friends, unfortunately we will have to ask that dogs be kept at home when you visit.


Be mindful of the mulch! If you stay on the gravel walkways and paths you will not unknowingly trample the seedlings tucked into my newly planted landscaping around the nursery. I love my plants just like you love yours. We use natural wood chips for mulch and since it’s not as formal looking as dyed mulch many customers assume it is in place to walk on. However, I have quite a few newly planted trees, shrubs, and wildflowers around the nursery and I ask that you please do not walk on them or allow your pet to walk or toilet in mulched areas!

One final note!
The pond and our private family picnic area are not accessible to visitors.
Thank you for understanding!

Our goal is to inspire others to make the transition to native plants in their own gardens. Perhaps together we can spread the word and bit by bit become part of the “Homegrown National Park” that Doug Tallamy describes in his inspiring book “Nature’s Best Hope”.

I believe that small changes in your own backyard can make a huge impact. Planting natives can help reverse the decline of our songbirds, bees, monarchs, and other threatened wildlife that depend on us to ensure their very survival. I’m super excited to do my part and hope you will be too!

Still have questions?
Visits our FAQ page!

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