About Us

Kelly Strope is the owner of Arcadia Natives plant nursery in Washington, PA. Her nursery focuses on propagating straight native plant species and offers many seed grown local ecotypes indigenous to Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Region. She is an award-winning, published artist whose realistic pastel paintings capture the beauty of the natural world. Kelly is an enthusiastic educator, introducing people to the unique relationship native plants have with the wildlife that benefit from them. She is passionate about using her nursery, photography, and artwork as a means to spread native plant awareness.

A Word From The Owner

I believe that small changes in your own backyard can make a huge impact. Planting native species can help reverse the decline of our songbirds, bees, butterflies, and other threatened wildlife that depend on us to ensure their very survival. I’m super excited to do my part and hope you will be too!

My goal is to inspire others to make the transition to native plants in their own gardens. Perhaps together we can spread the word and bit by bit become part of the “Homegrown National Park” that Doug Tallamy describes in his inspiring book “Nature’s Best Hope”.

If you would like to come visit, you’ll find Arcadia Natives conveniently located in Washington, PA only a few miles off the Amity/Lone Pine exit on I79.

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