Packera Comparison Chart

Below you will find a simple comparison of various packera species. All three can spread abundantly if given the right conditions. They are each highly adaptable to varying amounts of sun and soil moisture. If your Packera isn’t thriving where it’s at, don’t worry! This hardy groundcover transplants very well in case you find yourself needing to relocate it. It is also easy to grow from seed or divide if you want to spread more packera love throughout your landscape!

Also worth mentioning is that technically Packera aurea can tolerate a good bit of sun, but under those circumstances I have found it is only truly happy if it has a constant source of moisture (especially in the heat of summer). Think wet meadow, pond edges, and low-lying spots in your landscape. If you lack consistently moist soil, consider planting it in a location that has a bit of afternoon shade to protect the leaves from scorching. Perhaps try growing your Packera aurea along a woodland border, under a drippy A/C unit, near a downspout, or in areas where taller perennials/woody plants can filter the sunlight.

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Please keep this in mind when you come to visit: Planting the right plant in the right place makes all the difference when it comes to it’s ability to not only survive, but thrive! Make sure you are aware of what growing conditions your native plant requires before you take it home.